Rebar manufacturers in Taiwan this week to keep prices
10/03/2011 02:04
Two groups of steel production plants in Taiwan Feng Hsin Iron & Steel are located in the western Taichung and Hai Kwang Enterprise Corp. in southern Kaohsiung rebar prices remained stable this week as buyers tend to be stalling force purchase.
Steel price volatility
10/03/2011 02:01
Within two months, steel prices have risen about 2trieu per ton. Purchasing power is expected to significantly reduce
Forecast production and consumption of steel will fluctuate
10/03/2011 01:58
Vietnam Steel Association (VSA) forecast production and consumption of steel in March and the next time there will be some volatility in prices, output prices because of the inputs along with the latitude to adjust policy tissue.
U.S. flat steel prices steady above $ 1,000 / ton
09/03/2011 02:02
Spot steel prices continue to stabilize the U.S. at $ 1,000 per short ton fob.So with other steel products, the steel plate is considered to have higher demand, so the factory steel plates remained steel price stability.
Electricity price increase will happen to the steel industry?
09/03/2011 01:58
Before the phenomenon of booming steel investment in recent years, many issues have been raised as supply exceeded demand situation, an imbalance in the category of steel products or technologies obsolete cause higher production costs, environmental pollution ... Over the years the situation has not improved, the reason why?
China steel tubes welded round of raising prices after Tet
24/01/2011 07:16
Price welded steel pipes in China has maintained momentum this week not only be supported by raising the price of the manufacturer but also backed by the scrap market and trader optimism about the prospect of price Left up again after the Lunar New Year.
Construction steel prices in Can Tho and Danang continue
24/01/2011 07:10
According to the notice of the price of steel mills and the Dana-western city attention to today, the price of steel in two plants had increased to about 300-400 USD per kg.Cu as follows:
Taiwanese rebar price increase
20/01/2011 03:53
After maintaining domestic steel price has not changed in the last week, the largest manufacturer in Taiwan has increased steel prices again this week to keep up momentum of world scrap prices continue to escalate.
Ability of the U.S. steel price increase
20/01/2011 03:50
Market sources said the U.S. steel prices to continue in the direction towards increased because the manufacturers have a strong hand factory price increase last week.
Ore imports of China maintained strong growth momentum
18/01/2011 01:51
Price of China's ore imports continue to increase on Friday last week as supplies from the major export is restricted because of bad weather.
Turkey rebar price reduction
18/01/2011 01:47
Due to increasing raw material costs since the beginning of May 2001 caused the price of steel plants in Turkey is pushed up, this negatively affects the purchasing power in this country.
License renewal application for automatic import of steel products
05/01/2011 04:00
Industry and Trade Ministry will extend the application of automatic import licenses for some steel products have been defined in two circular 31/2010/TT-BCT 22/2010/TT-BCT and during the period from 14 / 2 to 31/12/2011.
Save costs, steel prices hold steady
05/01/2011 03:56
To help achieve the objective of controlling and curbing inflation beginning in 2011.
China will raise export prices offered cold rolled galvanized steel coil
05/01/2011 03:52
Likely that China will raise export prices of cold rolled galvanized steel coils CGI additional 40-50 per ton increase to 820-840 dollars per ton CNF due to increased demand, while supply is tight over again.
Iran increased ore export tax to 50%
05/01/2011 03:49
The Iranian government has raised the tax rate for export of concentrate up to 50% and 35% for members ore exports.
Extension of import permits automatic steel
30/12/2010 04:50
28-12 days, ministry circulars issued license renewal application for automatic import of some steel products through 2011.
Northwestern Europe and raise the price of rolled steel plant
30/12/2010 04:47
Manufacturers of steel and rolled steel plant in northwest Europe has raised prices to keep pace with increases in the price of scrap.
Chung Hung Steel raise the price of HRC / CRC
29/12/2010 06:26
Chung Hung Steel producers reported raising steel prices for May 01 next year.
Protection for the steel industry is
29/12/2010 06:23
Have increased 1 million tons of steel, the new loss may be compensated for the steel business, but the actual new price of steel has increased 500 thousand dollars to be immediately reduced.
Japan offering HRC revaluation in the Middle East
29/12/2010 01:39
Price offered hot rolled steel HRC between Japan and Saudi clients, as well as other customers in the Middle East rose to 700 USD per ton C & F, up 30-40 per tonne compared with the end in November and early December.

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