Save costs, steel prices hold steady


Price Management Department - Ministry of Finance had written request of the Vietnam Steel Corporation, Steel Corporation strives Vinakyoei cost savings, stabilizing steel prices, steel prices did not increase as the level registered before.


Ministry of Finance said that the Ministry has recently received the official registration of the enterprise cost of production, the steel business including the Vietnam Steel Corporation and Steel Company Vinakyoei.


The business proposed to increase the price with the cost of raw materials, fuels, materials, direct labor costs rise.


However, determining the Price Management Department, to offset the input cost increases, in the month 11/2010, the unit has two times to increase the price.


On the other hand, the current prices of input costs factors for basic steel production remained stable (steel prices on world markets in the month 12/2010 11/2010 no increase compared to May, gasoline prices Oil steady from August 2010 to present, electricity prices stable until the end of 2010, wages do not rise).


Therefore, in order to achieve the objective of controlling and curbing inflation, the Price Management Department - Ministry of Finance proposed the Vietnam Steel Corporation, Steel Corporation Vinakyoei strive to save costs and keep prices stable steel, not steel as the price increases have been registered.


This is the correct implementation of the guidance in the Prime Minister's Directive 2164/CT-TTg on 30/11/2010: "The Ministry of Finance will coordinate with ministries, branches and People's Committees Provincial and other production enterprises, business to stabilize electricity prices, coal prices for electricity producers, cement, fertilizer, paper, application of financial measures, currency, tax keep oil prices stabilize, adjust time stretch of goods and services valued state, control the elements constituting the price, determined to stop the registration prices of goods and services subject to registration Price is the price increases are unreasonable. "

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