Forecast production and consumption of steel will fluctuate


Currently, if we include 10% VAT, the wholesale price of steel at the plant ranged from 18.5 to 19 million VND / T in the south, also in northern lower price than about 500,000 / T to 700.000d / T.

01/3/2011 electricity price increases and strong oil price adjustments on 24 / 2 is also a direct impact on price of steel. But the cost of steel structures, the greatest impact on price of steel is raw material prices and higher financing costs in recent years.

VSA identified steel material price increases will certainly affect the price of scrap steel into ingots and Vietnam. Thus, steel prices continue to rise as something inevitable.

Besides, the solution operator macroeconomic, especially monetary policy (exchange rate; interest rates) will affect the price of inputs in the production of steel, since most foreign companies are required currency import steel and scrap steel.

VSA forecast future steel prices will continue to increase due to the cost of raw materials and energy inputs for production. In the coming months, more likely to consume the market will be affected by Resolution No. 11/NQ-CP been implemented (such as cuts, delay implementing some investment projects, foreign exchange policy, the credit policy, taxes, ...).

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