U.S. manufacturers raise prices colls $ 60 per ton early next year
19/12/2010 11:34
The manufacturer of Keystone Steel & Wire Company of America, Arcelor Mittal and Gerdau Ameristeel has raised steel prices colls $ 60 per short ton on August 01 next year.
China's crude steel output is forecast at 620 million tons in 2010
19/12/2010 11:29
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) China's crude steel output forecast this year China reached 620 million tons.
China's steel output rose in November
19/12/2010 11:29
According to China Iron and Steel Association (CISA), crude steel production of water daily has increased again in the last 10 days in November when reached 1.643 million tons, up 2.74% over the previous 10 days.
Formosa plans to invest $ 8 billion to build steel plant in Vietnam
19/12/2010 11:24
The objective of the Formosa plant was put into the second largest steel mills in Asia and the 6th largest in the world.
China steel plant capacity will increase
19/12/2010 11:24
Despite the demand still slow, but the rebar prices in China continue to turn the trend mainly due to the low level of reserves exist on the market and the factory price is still high at the factory.
U.S. steel imports into difficulty competing
19/12/2010 11:23
The offering of steel sheets and plates in the U.S. due to recent price decrease is higher than found in water, although the U.S. steel manufacturers have raised prices repeatedly in the past week.
Gold prices rose sharply to 1.392USD/ounce
19/12/2010 11:23
Ngay khi giá vàng rời mốc kỷ lục, nhà đầu tư lập tức tranh mua vào.
Building materials market flourishes
19/12/2010 11:22
After a long hold time in the scene gloomy silence, the market of construction materials such as cement steel ... began to "warm up.
Steel prices will rise in December
19/12/2010 11:22
Because of purchasing power due to slow and competition archives fallen in price between companies in the country with the price of imported steel also increased only slightly, with no mutation.
Steel export turnover increased by 179%
19/12/2010 11:21
According to the Vietnam Steel Association (VSA), exports (export) of steel companies continued growth.
Iron and steel imports from the Chinese market accounted for 25.5%
19/12/2010 11:21
According to statistics, Vietnam has imported over 1 million tons of iron and steel in October.
Steel imports into Vietnam is forecast to decrease sharply
19/12/2010 11:20
According to estimates by the Vietnam Steel Association (VSA), the volume of steel imports in 2010 will decrease by about 15% over the previous year, but exports increased sharply.