Vietnam gradually reduce the import of steel
28/12/2010 08:59
Vietnam Steel Association (VSA) that Vietnam is reducing the import of steel billets by the amount of domestic production increased significantly in recent years.
Situation in world steel production month 11/2010
28/12/2010 08:56
According to the World Steel Association (WSA), crude steel production of 66 member associations reach 114 million tons in the month 11/2010, up 5.1% compared with May 2009.
Situation of China Steel Market Week (17 - 24/12/2010)
28/12/2010 08:53
According to statistics, output of crude steel in the world in the month 11/2010 reach 114,118 million tons, up 5.1% from last year.
Offering HRC prices in Southeast Asia
28/12/2010 08:49
Price offered hot rolled steel HRC in Southeast Asia has increased 20-30 per ton from the last two weeks have mainly been driven by price and escalating scrap and ore.
Chinese stainless steel prices maintain stability
28/12/2010 08:46
Stainless steel prices in the Chinese market remained relatively stable for 02 weeks.
Posco steel prices unchanged in the first quarter in 2011
28/12/2010 08:43
Posco, the leading steel manufacturers of Korea has decided to keep the price of steel for a quarter in 2011 despite increasing raw material cost increases.
Steel enterprises in the country ... "for help"
28/12/2010 08:41
From March 31/12, the application of automatic import licenses for certain steel products to protect domestic steel industry will officially expire.
Steel consumption reduction
27/12/2010 02:18
Steel building was sold in the month 12-2010 VN Steel Association (VSA) is estimated at 340,000 tons, only 65% from the previous month.
Hegang raising prices of construction steel 01 months
27/12/2010 02:15
Nhà sản xuất thép lớn nhất Trung Quốc Hebei Iron & Steel (Hegang) đã nâng giá thép xây dựng.
Price of steel products in Northern Europe 01 months increase
27/12/2010 02:12
Entered by the Christmas holiday, so trading activity this week in northern Europe is very low.
Korea moves to invest in Vietnam
23/12/2010 02:33
Korean investment in Vietnam has shifted from manufacturing, light industry to heavy industry, and banking services.
Spot Market Chinese steel prices
23/12/2010 02:29
After the leading steel producers such as China's Baosteel, Wuhan Iron & Steel and Anshan Iron & Steel raise prices
U.S. steelmakers raise long steel prices
19/12/2010 11:45
Gerdau Ameristeel Manufacturers of America has raised the prices of long steel products 45 per short ton.
China's ability to raise export prices
19/12/2010 11:45
As predicted, the leading steel manufacturers China may raise export prices of hot rolled steel HRC 40-50 per ton increase to 650-680 dollars per ton.
Shagang not change the price of construction steel in December
19/12/2010 11:42
Shagang manufacturer of China earlier this week (12/13/2010) again reported no change of price of construction steel intersection in December.
Greek scrap prices to increase further in the month 01/2011
19/12/2010 11:41
Market sources said the ability to scrap prices in Greece will continue to increase in coming months.
Steel market and steel world of weeks to the day 14/12/2010
19/12/2010 11:41
Ingot and scrap steel rose by a strong purchasing power from the Middle East customers; Steel prices in China rose slightly.
Situation of China Steel Market Weekly (3 - 12.10.2010)
19/12/2010 11:40
Currently, the steel mills of Japan have signed an agreement with BHP Billiton to increase the price of coke for the quarter 1 / 2011 (under FOB terms) up 8% at USD 225/tan.
Colls steel prices in Brazil fell 16% in December
19/12/2010 11:40
After recovery in November, Brazil's steel prices have fallen colls back 16% this month.
Hegang raise the price of rebar and colls
19/12/2010 11:34
Largest steel producer China - Hebei Iron & Steel (Hegang)