Northwestern Europe and raise the price of rolled steel plant


Rebar prices in this region have reached the level of 550 EUR / ton (725 tonne), effective immediately for spot orders in Germany and Scandinavia.


While the steel coil used to transmit tick in Germany cost at least 520 EUR / ton. But in other places such as France and Sweden increased more slowly than prices. A German manufacturer said that this price increase is nothing compared to attain an increase in the price of scrap.


In December, the price of German waste has increased by 40 EUR per tonne in November. As predicted by a German manufacturer and a French manufacturer, scrap prices also increased the ability to 10-30 euros per tonne in the coming weeks because the current snow leading to the supply is limited.


While the purchasing power in the region are also low seasonal adjustments, some small-scale production in Germany is expected to halt production conducted a few weeks in winter, while the French stop production for 10 days .


Thus, the supply will reduce the market in September 2001 and good support for prices.