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Rebar manufacturers in Taiwan this week to keep prices


This has pushed the price of rebar shipments of Feng Hsin SD280 medium is maintained at NT $ 21,600 per ton and two Kwang keep price NT $ 21,100 per ton in the week.

According to sources from the Two Kwang spokesman said demand has increased dramatically in the last week, but then buyers more cautious because the government of Taiwan is expected to take many measures to control urban growth property, and this will affect domestic demand for steel plants.

U.S. flat steel prices steady above $ 1,000 / ton


Một thương nhân khác nhận định rằng, các nhà sản xuất thép tấm của Mỹ đang nhận được lợi thế gần như là độc tôn do Bộ thương mại của nước này đang cân nhắc duy trì biện pháp áp thuế chống bán phá giá đối với hàng nhập khẩu từ nước ngoài.

China steel tubes welded round of raising prices after Tet


In Shanghai, electric resistance welded steel pipe ERW Q235 114x3.75mm production in Hebei offered at 5050-5100 yuan per ton (U.S. $ 767-774 per tonne), including 17% VAT, an increase of 150-200 yuan per ton from the previous week.


According to market fairly quiet, ability to maintain prices at this level after the new year as most traders will start to finalize the transaction status this weekend.


Taiwanese rebar price increase


In which both manufacturers and Feng

Ability of the U.S. steel price increase


However, prices have not increased much or not anyone dared to assert.

Ore imports of China maintained strong growth momentum


On Thursday, the dry ore in Australia to this country more than $ 4 per ton, while a Chinese trader's order 63.5/63% Fe ore delivered 02 months from the west coast of India for $ 187 USD / ton CFR. The offer price also hit the ore 63.5/63% 190 USD per ton.


Steel Index (TSI) said 62% iron ore price reference last week increased $ 1.8 per ton increase to $ 178.3 per tonne CFR. Reference price 58% Fe ore increased $ 153.9 per tonne, its highest level in history.


Turkey rebar price reduction


Therefore, the manufacturers do not want Turkey to buy more scrap.


Market sources said trading day weekend embryos offered for sale for $ 670 USD per tonne fob, from $ 680 USD per ton earlier this month. The bid rebar decreased slightly to U.S. $ 705-710 per tonne fob. About traders that the price offered is not a normal sign of inflation because some agents want to liquidate goods.


China will raise export prices offered cold rolled galvanized steel coil


We have stopped offering Chinese, while demand is expected to recover in countries like USA, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Iran increased ore export tax to 50%


This new announcement is a factor supporting ore market. Iran is known ore supplier to China ranks fifth with a total of 12.9 million tons in the first 11 months of 2010.

Limiting ore exports from India and Iran are opening up more opportunities for Ukraine to expand exports to China. Ukraine stood ore suppliers in China Friday after Iran with 10.4 million tons in the first 11 months.

Northwestern Europe and raise the price of rolled steel plant


Rebar prices in this region have reached the level of 550 EUR / ton (725 tonne), effective immediately for spot orders in Germany and Scandinavia.


While the steel coil used to transmit tick in Germany cost at least 520 EUR / ton. But in other places such as France and Sweden increased more slowly than prices. A German manufacturer said that this price increase is nothing compared to attain an increase in the price of scrap.


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