Turkey rebar price reduction


Therefore, the manufacturers do not want Turkey to buy more scrap.


Market sources said trading day weekend embryos offered for sale for $ 670 USD per tonne fob, from $ 680 USD per ton earlier this month. The bid rebar decreased slightly to U.S. $ 705-710 per tonne fob. About traders that the price offered is not a normal sign of inflation because some agents want to liquidate goods.


Others believe this is the downward adjustment since the prices rise too fast and hard in the past two weeks. The market is waiting for the main steel producers order to push prices back up scrap, rebar manufacturers are waiting to see how demand moves from the current price on the market.


A trader told SBB that "if there were a few more orders at this price, the manufacturer of Turkey will purchase waste and so the price will rise-this seems to be the main reason worth to the buyer to accept the increased price of steel plant scrap prices to match. "