Ability of the U.S. steel price increase


However, prices have not increased much or not anyone dared to assert.

"I think it's too early to say the price increase. No one said the price of steel dropped but is still no one place an order. Is clearly not opposed to market uptrend, but nobody wants to be the first to purchase new price "

Nucor and other producers to increase steel prices August 2002 to add $ 100 per short ton scrap prices coffee production and other expenses increased in recent weeks.

A market trader in the north, said customers are still not accepted as the price is too expensive now.

"We have not found market acceptance of new rates. Global market prices are skyrocketing due to escalating input costs. Thus American manufacturers certainly can not stand looking at his arms crossed. "

One distributor said that the U.S. steel manufacturers are offering a price of steel A36 880-920 per tonne fob, and there will be discounts for orders to buy in bulk. However, procurement activities will go on sporadic.

A36 steel reference prices of TSI is 832 USD / short ton, up 22 per tonne from the previous week and up 46 per ton compared to 4 last week.

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