Construction steel prices in Can Tho and Danang continue


In Central Dana-Y has increased $ 300 compared with prices last week, the price is now at the non Phi 6 and 8 is 16,390 vnd / kg including 10% VAT.


In Western markets steel, steel companies have also adjusted Tay increased $ 400 USD per kg compared with truoc.Hien this week, Tay Do steel prices are at prices from 17.314 to 17.369 VND / kg for 6-10 type Africa . CT5 steel rebars, SD295A from 17.204 to 17.248 VND / kg, steel rebars SD390 17.259 to 17.333 price includes VAT and 10% discount to agents.

The adjustment of the price increase at the same time increased with large plants such as steel and Pomina South, and in anticipation of the business by increasing the ingot steel inputs in recent weeks.